Eduardo Murgel de Macedo

                  Member of PGA Brazil- Qualiy Professional

                   Personal Golf Coach - CREF / SP 028-317                          Certificate in Physics Ed. Professional Course in 2017-FPG



Golf teacher for beginners and practitioners. I have the programs "Indoor Golf in the space of 12 square meters", "Indoor Golf in the Parks", "One Day Golf All Inclusive" and "Golf Immersion".




                                                                GOLF BENEFITS


 FAIRPLAY Play without harming opponents. We must maintain a posture and conduct according to ethical and moral standards. He, the fairplay, has a direct connection to the Sports Spirit, and is heavily influenced by marketing and the media for results.


 PHYSICAL CONDITIONING Regardless of the age group of the player, physical exercise will bring great benefits, not only for the game, but also for health! For older or older athletes, training is of greater importance as body aging causes loss of flexibility, strength, power and muscle coordination, as well as cardiovascular efficiency.

 By dedicating only a few hours a week, we will obtain the following health benefits;

regulation of glucose level

stimulation of adrenaline and noradrenaline levels

improvement in cardiovascular endurance

increased strength and endurance

preservation of strength and flexibility

better balance and coordination

acquisition of relaxation

improvement in general well-being

improvement in motor control

integration of the individual with nature and the community


 NETWORK Golf is a networking sport par excellence. Since each official match lasts an average of four hours, there is plenty of time to talk to potential business partners and strengthen relationships with customers and suppliers. Golf has a unique feature: nothing you do on the course can disrupt your opponent's performance. Those who play badly do so because of their unique and exclusive fault! The greatest opponent of each golfer is the field and their own limitations and not the person who is playing against it. This avoids enmity in the field and makes it very common, attitudes rarely seen in other sports, such as praising the good plays of the other player, even if it is theoretically an opponent.

 By sponsoring a relationship golf event, the company not only exposes its brand to a select and often high-powered audience, but also maintains close contact with customers and potential partners.


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